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Meet Our Team of Ag Carbon Experts​

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Our Mission

To accelerate the global transition to climate-positive agriculture practices.

Agoro Carbon’s mission is to drive the global adoption of regenerative agriculture practices through high-quality, science-based carbon solutions that improve soil health and farmer prosperity, while providing businesses an opportunity to invest in a sustainable future.

Our Vision

Advance a net-positive future through nature-based carbon solutions.

We envision a net-positive climate future anchored in environmental, economic, and societal benefits. We are committed to driving innovation in nature-based carbon solutions.

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We are proud to partner with farmers and ranchers implementing practices that promote soil health, water conservation and biodiversity – and, ultimately, accelerating the transition to climate-positive agriculture.”


  • We take responsibility for
    our actions
  • We discuss processes,
    not people
  • We take initiative to move the company forward
  • We speak up with ideas for improvement and

    propose solutions
  • Quality is at the forefront of what we do
  • Learnings are stepping stones towards
    and innovation
  • Continuous feedback and honest conversations
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards
  • Help to build a united
    team atmosphere
  • Respect diversity and actively listen to others
  • Communicate with transparency
  • Embrace inclusive problem-solving
  • Meaning and purpose drive
    our work
  • We are curious, and eager to share our knowledge
  • We embrace and support the development of our people
  • Together we drive change and create impact

Driving Meaningful, Sustainable Change in Agriculture

Learn more about our teams of carbon-market and agronomic experts who lead the way in driving real, scalable change through high quality, science-based carbon solutions.

Grower Success Team

Our farmer and rancher alliance members have access to the Grower Success Team. A unique team made up of highly trained agronomists who specialize in crops and livestock production, most of which are producers themselves. In order to truly make our carbon program farmer and rancher centered we invested in a team who’s sole goal is to help simplify the carbon generation process for our producers after they sign a contract. The Grower Success Team works side-by-side with our alliance members to understand what data is required, coordinate the soil-sampling process, communicate carbon measurements, and answer any questions that might arise along the way.

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Soil Carbon Science Team

Agoro Carbon’s team of scientists works to ensure that soil-carbon quantification and calculations are scientifically robust, accurate, and measurable. They work with best-in-class soil-sampling design methods, sample analysis, and modeling procedures to ensure that we are measuring and creating the highest-quality carbon credits. Our expert team reviews scientific literature regarding soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gases emissions, and how these are affected by ag practices, to best sequester soil organic carbon.

Carbon Team

Agoro Carbon’s expert carbon team comprises top-notch professionals dedicated to carbon project development and standards. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise that underpins our ability to deliver carbon projects of the highest quality. From shaping innovative programs to implementing cutting-edge methodologies, our team is tirelessly devoted to crafting carbon projects that align with the most rigorous global standards, ensuring the utmost quality and impact.

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What makes Agoro Carbon different from other carbon programs?

We put farmers and ranchers at the center of all we do.

What makes Agoro Carbon different

from other carbon programs?

We put farmers and ranchers at the

center of all we do.

I really enjoy working with farmers and ranchers to help transition them into Agoro Carbon's program. I meet with our customers to discuss their operations and collect any needed information. I also provide any agronomic support as needed, and provide information on how they can increase soil carbon."

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