Agriculture is a Nature-Based Climate Solution

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), relative to other mitigation options, carbon sequestration in agriculture offers substantial potential to reduce emissions.

Agriculture accounts for an estimated 10-12% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. In order for life on Earth to prosper, it is imperative that we decarbonize the agricultural sector immediately. By transforming farming practices, we can mitigate the impacts of climate change, enhance global food security, and at the same time, boost the livelihoods of farmers and sustain their legacy for future generations.

Agoro Carbon is dedicated to making agriculture a part of the solution to the global carbon challenge by delivering high-quality, nature-based carbon credits that businesses can use to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and achieve their emission-reduction objectives on their path to net zero. By purchasing Agoro Carbon credits, companies support the Agoro Carbon programs, which work with a coalition of farmers and ranchers to implement regenerative land management practices that eliminate carbon emissions at scale, improve operational resilience, and deliver a range of additional environmental benefits such as soil health, water quality, and biodiversity.

The main objectives of the programs are to provide the financial, agronomic, and educational support needed for growers and ranchers to implement regenerative land management practices on croplands and pasturelands that not only produce agricultural products sustainably and profitably but also have a positive impact on climate change.

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the realm of Natural Climate Solutions Alliance (NCSA), offering the potential for significant contributions to achieving net-zero goals, while concurrently delivering substantial co-benefits to local communities, economies, and biodiversity.

Download the 'Guide for Buyers' developed by the NCSA and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with support from Agoro Carbon

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