How Much Can I Get Paid To Capture Carbon? Calculate Your Carbon Potential In A Simple Two-Step Form

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New Tool For Farmers & Ranchers: The Carbon Calculator

Farmers and ranchers play a vital role in mitigating climate change. As stewards of the land, they have the unique opportunity to generate new revenue streams while also contributing to a healthier environment. Our new Carbon Calculator is designed specifically for farmers and ranchers, making it easier for them to estimate their potential income and the benefits that come with it.

We understand there’s a lot of confusion about carbon opportunities for farmers and ranchers. The most commonly asked question is, “what’s my revenue potential?” So Agoro Carbon created a simple two-step carbon calculator that will estimate your carbon earning potential.

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Benefits of Carbon Sequestration: A Win-Win for Farmers & the Environment

Capturing carbon can pay dividends in cash and in soil health on our ranches or farms. By implementing sustainable practices such as rotational grazing or planting cover crops, farmers and ranchers can sequester carbon, leading to improved soil and forage health, increased biodiversity, and reduced operational costs. Additionally, capturing carbon will lead to increased water quality, benefiting the environment and surrounding communities.

“No one’s going to keep doing something if they are not successful, and Agoro Carbon wants you to be successful. What benefits us on the farm also benefits everyone else in this environment.”-Brian Miller, Indiana Farmer

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What are Carbon Credits & How Can Producers Participate?

Carbon credits, also known as carbon offsets are permits are generated when businesses or individuals implement practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the agriculture industry, practices such as reducing tillage, using natural fertilizers, or planting trees can help sequester carbon and create opportunities for farmers and ranchers to generate carbon credits. By generating carbon credits for the carbon marketplace, farmers and ranchers can create new revenue streams, increasing their profitability and sustainability.

How Much Can You Actually Get Paid to Capture Carbon?

How much you can actually get paid to capture carbon varies based on several factors including how many acers you have, where your are located and the practices you will be implementing. For example, a farmer in Webster County, Iowa with 500 acers implementing cover cropping could receive almost $30,000 of potential carbon revenue over 10 years. On the other end, a rancher in Mineral County, Colorado with 3,000 acers of irrigated land implementing two conservation practices could potentially receive over $200,000 in carbon revenue over 10 years.

Ever scenario is different and the best way to determine how much you could receive is by using our carbon calculator and speaking with one of our highly trained agronomist in your area.

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