More Carbon Markets Coming

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Our Midwestern agronomist says ag producers should expect several new carbon markets to emerge.

“Everybody is trying to get their own program running and it’s one of those catch phrases in ag right now – carbon,” said Agoro Carbon Alliance agronomist Clay Craighton.

Listen now to the interview below.
Clay Craighton
Clay Craighton
Agronomist, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri
I grew up in a rural community in Northern Iowa and started my journey in agriculture primarily within the swine industry working with my dad and brother throughout my youth. I grew up very involved in athletics, band, and various clubs in a rural Iowa community. I attended Iowa State University with what was originally an undecided major, but knew I wanted to live in the Midwest. I had no idea initially what I wanted to do after graduation, but had always given thought to environmental sciences and agriculture. The best way for me to give back to the communities in the area I grew up in and providing a great life for my family was for me to major in agriculture and find a niche in improving the environment as well.
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